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Welcome to InMind!

Our company has been providing a full range of marketing and social researching services for more than 10 years. Every year we conduct more than 200 ad-hoc research projects. Our team involves the best managers and analysts of Ukrainian research market.

After many years on the scene, three major lines of business have been developed where professional advantages reveal in the best way:

-TRACKING. Large-scale, long-term monitoring projects in both marketing and the social sphere. The main focus in these projects is devoted to a scientifically based methodology, qualitative field work, analysis of long-term trends and developments;
-BUSINESS INSIGHTS. Research consulting based on tailored solutions for specific business needs of the client. In the framework of such projects, we obtain results that are suitable for decision-making and understanding of the client’s previous activity effectiveness in the marketing field;
-RESEARCH PROJECTS MANAGEMENT. Every year any research becomes increasingly complex industry employing not only traditional methodologies but innovative techniques, that completely change the organization of research agencies work. Our managers have experience in project management of different types, moreover, permanent internal training enables them to find effective managerial solutions to any problems.

We value our reputation, hence we are constantly improving and we are grateful to our customers and partners for fruitful cooperation. Join us now!

Quantitative research

InMind has vast experience of successful realization of the projects using classical and new, modern methods and technologies. For more than 10 years company handles quantitative studies with complex sample’s design, tracking studies, panel and ad-hoc projects; employs combined screening technologies and techniques of analysis. Quantitative research can represent both total population of Ukraine and any territorial, social-demographical, professional and expert groups. The client can be confident that the most relevant approach would be used to resolve business issues considering project’s terms and budget.

InMind resorts to all possible quantitative methods: - Face-to-face interview - CATI/ telephone interview - Exit polls - Hall Test - Online survey - SMS polls - IVR technology - Touch screen technology

Qualitative research

Effective usage of qualitative methods assumes a specific combination of traits in the researcher as essential objective position and advanced intuition, ability to act “out of the box” and openness to new experience. InMind researchers possess a wide range of qualitative methods starting with classical focus-groups to ethnographical interviews demanding a deep submersion. Our team has vast experience of applying qualitative methods with complex target groups – high-income audience, public servants, business audience, trendsetters and others.

List of qualitative methods: - Focus-groups - Commercial Ethnography - In-depth interview - Expert study - Mystery shopping - Case study

Online research

InMind is a leader of online research in Ukraine. In online projects we combine sophisticated technologies and sociological principles of forming samples, which minimizes “volunteers’” involvement to web surveys. Our online panel contains more than 100K participants, including its representative core – more than 30K of panellists recruited offline and by affiliate links.
Online technology is a prospective tool for tracking and ad-hoc studies, allowing to track consumer preferences and behavior, dynamics of communication efficiency, consumer’s satisfaction level, product’s value and brand image profile, media consumption, etc. With the help of online tools we conduct quantitative and qualitative research, and also develop new research types – crowdsourcing projects, consumer panels, etc.
Online technologies allow to test materials of any format (3D, video, placement modeling), to broaden access to a hardly accessible audience (narrow consumer groups, youth, high-status groups, business, trendsetters, etc.)

Market research

InMind portfolio contains research practically in all segments of Ukrainian market:
- Telecoms
- FMCG (alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, foodstuff, tobacco)
- Financial services
- Media
- Retail
- Pharmaceutical market
- Agricultural business

These are studies of target audiences, brand health tracking, communication efficiency, clients/consumers satisfaction, segmentation, price strategy and sensitivity, search of the niche for new products and consumer insights. Besides surveys, InMind analysts offer desk research as market analysis, periodical reviews, trends evaluation, development forecasts etc., also aggregating it with the results of consumer research.

Political and socio-economic researches

InMind possesses all necessary basis for conducting political and socioeconomic research. Among our clients there are politics and political parties, public and donor organizations, PR-agencies and media.

The most relevant political studies are of political rating, political image, research for development of political positioning and pre-election strategy, electoral significant problems determination of the territories and electoral preferences monitoring.

We also conduct research in educational area, public health, social services, economic activity of population, information policy, government activities etc.

Research consulting

We are willing to share our experience and knowledge of any subject connected with planning, conducting, analyzing and implementing research. InMind research consulting is the following: - Research strategy development as definition of a sensible methodological approach, development of a design and a sample - Consulting on any questions regarding data analysis - Workshops with clients on the topic of further research results implementation - Desk research, collection and analysis of the data from open sources. - Systematization and secondary analysis of different research data and CRM of client’s data. - Expertise of methodology, procedure and quality of the implementation of research of different types. - Tranings on theory, organization and tools of marketing and socio-political studies.

InMind acts as a research partner in various marketing and social projects. These projects are not of our commercial interest but they are an opportunity to implement our expertise in cooperation with leading companies and organizations in related fields. We are convinced that the research support of our partners not only develops their initiatives, but also allows to promote research as an industry sector.
Our ongoing projects are the following: indices of the European Business Association, IAMI Rating of Ukrainian Marketing Services Agencies in Obedience to Income, Trendwatching™.

We are also involved in other several projects.
Run Ukraine (Kiev Half Marathon, Marathon) is a organization of running events aiming at amateur sportsmen support, promotion of healthy lifestyle and charity. Our studies help to understand better the motivation of participants, the level of activities awareness among participants, the effectiveness of providers’ promotional efforts.

Go to see online kyivhalfmarathon.org

Kyiv MakerFaire ( Maker Faire) is a Ukrainian representational office of MakerFaire international project, focused on the support of makers movement in the way of urban fairs, communication, exchange of experiences and discoveries among fans of low tech, DIY and handmade. We help with research consulting and lectures on maker’s culture.

Go to see online makerfairekyiv.com


Trendwatching is a systematic study of existing and emerging trends that define consumer behaviour of Ukrainians. It also explains changes on social and cultural context of modern Ukraine.
The project has been carried out by Trendwatching unit of ADV, communication group, since 2010. InMind is responsible for trends validization and evaluation of their impact on mass-market audiences.
Study results are available as an annual report, which includes trends and subtrends description, examples of their appearances in Ukraine and outside Ukraine, possible implementation in marketing activities and communication efforts across various brands and categories.

Details trendwatching-ukraine.com.ua


In 2008 InMind started cooperation with the European Business Association on the development of methodologies for measuring investment attractiveness index of Ukraine. Now this index is one of the most influential figures for business environment dynamics of Ukraine and its value is within line of sight of government officials, business analysts, and the entire business community of Ukraine.
Our cooperation continued in 2010 on the development and measurement of EBA Customs Index, in 2012 of Tax Index, in 2013of the Index of Confidence in the Judicial System of Ukraine.

Detailed info - eba.com.ua

IAMI ratings

In 2014 InMind Company joined IAMI project "Rating of Ukrainian Marketing Services Agencies in Obedience to Income" as a research partner. The International Association of Marketing Initiatives (IAMI) is an official branch organization of marketing companies that use in their activities BTL-instruments.
The Association is actively involved in the organization of BTL-section of the Kiev International Advertising Festival and acts as a partner of the Jury of marketing services at KIAF.
Rating of marketing services agencies includes surveys of companies which are members of Association members and interviews of key players in the market.

More information about the methodology and results of the rating:

Olena Popova

<i> Director </i> <br> <br> <p class=pre> She has been working in the research field since 1992 and running the business from its foundation day in 2004. She deals with general company strategic policy issues and strategic non-commercial projects. Her main task considers engaging in the team the most skilled and experienced players and organizing InMind’s work in accordance with the highest professional standards. «I see my task is to make InMind comfortable for all participants of the process. For our employees it means positive team relationships, opportunity to realize their professional interests and needs for professional growth. For customers it is our full-blast transparency while implementing projects and support of the highest research standards and, as a result, business problem solving».

Julia Masiyenko

Research Director

She has been working for InMind since its foundation. She determines the research strategy and methodology, also deals with the development of innovative directions, techniques adaptation, and search of needed approach. Her distinctive quality is a deep analytical approach. She has a good command of both psychological, qualitative methods and quantitative, mathematical ones. She deals with internal consulting and training for young professionals, moreover, she teaches research subjects at the Faculty of Psychology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev.

Yulia is a typical Kiev intellectual, top it off, she is always in the swim of the latest trends not only in research field but also in literature, art and other areas of her interest.

Olena Bondarchuk

Client Director

Elena has been working for InMind since 2005, dealing with new markets development, industrial research products, and research consulting. Within her competence there are strategy issues, marketing, work with new clients. Her excellent intuition helps to find a common language with customers, she is able to understand perfectly their demands and, as a result, to conceive them. Having good command of intelligent solutions, traditional techniques, and bright unconventional approach helps her to do a great professional work.

Elena is a company public figure, she has extensive work experience with high-class experts, top managers of multinational and national companies, government representatives and journalists.

Andriy Teleyko

Head of Analytics

Experienced mathematician, who joined InMind in 2006 coming from fundamental science. He has created a culture of working with math data. Andrei deals with sampling, analysis procedures, processing of large databases. In his briefcase he has held hundreds of successful projects and dozens clients from different areas such as finance, politics, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG.

Kateryna Zagryvenko

<P> <i> Senior Account Manager </i> <br> <br> Since 2005 she has been working for the company, starting as a project coordinator, today she is a leading customer relations specialist. She provides a full cycle of customer support, from proposals preparation to research results presentation. Kateryna handles with new and potential customers. </ P> <P> During project implementation stage she specializes in testing products, concepts, and advertising materials. </ P> <P> She is able to manage simultaneously and efficiently a large number of diverse projects, rapidly process large amounts of information as well as qualitatively carry out complex projects in a short time. </ P>

Natalia Zaderei

Senior Analyst

Since 2005 she has been working for InMind. She specializes in large industrial projects and she is an expert in this field. Her projects are characterized by deep fundamental approaches, they are always thoroughly well-thought-out and carried out flawlessly. She knows various research methodologies as following: F2F and online surveys, observation, exit polls, hall tests, desk research, focus-group discussions, in-depth/expert interviews. Intracompany she conducts seminars on data collection methodology, monitoring procedures and quality of research data, complex analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Nika Elizarova

Senior Analyst

Nika joined InMind team in 2006 when she was a student. She started working as interviewer due to her professional integrity and sense of responsibility she has grown to achieve a leading analyst position.

Managing complex projects with lots of important details, she never ever misses important details. Tracking project management is her specialization.

Olga Zotova

Senior Analyst

Olga has been conducting research since 2003, working for InMind since 2008. A follower of the classical scientific approaches in research. She is an expert, equally competent in both qualitative and quantitative research. As an experienced analyst, moderator and coordinator of projects, she is able to qualitatively rebuild study procedure, monitor and control all stages of the process.

Volodymyr Konoshevych


He joined the company in 2010. His specialization is qualitative research. More than 200 projects have been completed by him for major domestic and international companies operating in various fields, from the alcohol market to mobile communications and banking services.

The main field of professional interests is lifestyle studies and exploratory research using non-standard methodology. He knows and skilfully uses in his research the basis of psychological techniques.

Vadym Denysenko


Vadym has been working in research sphere since 2010, joined InMind in 2012. He has performed more than 100 projects for major Ukrainian and international companies.

Specializing in qualitative research, he works with various formats, from focus groups and in-depth interviews to home visits and facilitation.

He is Master of Psychology and a professional coach. In his spare time he is interested in urban studies, public resources management, and “local communities" development. Ardent snowboarder.

Julia Nikolaenko

Head of Quaitative Research

She has been working in research since 2000, in InMind since 2004. Specializing in qualitative research, she handles to moderate focus groups and conduct a variety of expert surveys.

She is an excellent event planner and communicator who knows how to get the most speechless audience to talk and capture the focus group attention by the topic of research.

Incredible intuition is her advantage, she is able to warm up and find a common language almost with anybody, thanks to it she is unofficial core of the company. In her spare time she likes travelling, meeting and communicating with new interesting people.

Nadiia Zaritska

<P> <i> Analyst </i> <br> <br> Her experience in research has been obtained since 2010, in InMind since 2012. She specializes in studying consumer habits, testing concepts, products and promotional materials, analysing advertising campaign effectiveness. She is experienced in conducting quantitative and qualitative research in various fields: FMCG, banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, etc. </ P> <P> Taking projects with a sense of responsibility, she focuses on problem solving, and she is always open to new experiences. </ P> <P> In 2015 she passed Ph.D. defense in sociology on "Downshifting as alternative lifestyle practices in contemporary society". </ P>

Olga Dvoeglazova

<p> <i> Analyst </i> <br> <br>      She is master of psychology, since 2013 she has been working in research sphere. She specializes in quantitative research management, the biggest experience is in field of tracking projects. In her works there is a combination of a commitment to traditional approaches and a willingness to implement new ideas. She is always ready to solve complex and unusual tasks with minimum involvement of resources. She devoted to comprehensive and systematic approach to research.</ P>



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